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Teknospar understands the significance of providing access to a diverse and proficient workforce. With a network comprising over 14 million professionals, we empower you to scale your business as per your needs. Seamlessly tap into this on-demand workforce to reduce your cost-per-hire by up to 40%, expedite time-to-value, and surpass your objectives well before deadlines.

What We Offer

  • AI + EI = Smart Hiring
  • Tailored Individualized Method
  • Assured Excellence
  • Pioneering Technology

AI + EI = Smart Hiring

We integrate our Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform with our Emotional Intelligence (EI) technology to pair the ideal talent with our clients. Evaluating candidates' workplace ethics, professionalism, and emotional traits alongside their experience enables us to deliver top-notch outcomes. Teknospar acknowledges the significance of providing a diverse and proficient workforce.

Tailored Individualized Method

Our platform facilitates direct access to Client Hiring Managers and ensures a smooth process for evaluating comprehensive talent profiles, offering feedback, scheduling interviews, and making final decisions. These features streamline the hiring process for our clients, enabling them to efficiently recruit top-tier talent, thereby reducing time and effort expended. Teknospar acknowledges the importance of providing a skilled and diverse workforce.

Assured Excellence

We source talent from leading tech platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, Microsoft Academy, and others. Our selection process is exceptionally thorough, surpassing the standards of most Silicon Valley companies. Typically, only 4% of applicants successfully complete our certification. Following this, we offer a standard 2-week trial period with no obligations. If you're not entirely satisfied, you won't incur any charges!

Pioneering Technology

At Teknospar, we excel in swiftly filling over 100 positions for our clients by actively sourcing professionals from our extensive talent pool spanning 14 million individuals across 40+ countries on 5 continents. Our average time to match is less than 72 hours, demonstrating our commitment to delivering a skilled and diverse workforce.

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